For a chance to have your face with a few others on the front page of my book, I am looking for a total of 3 volunteers.

2 women

1 man

All applicants that will be kept on file until after the winners sign contracts.

No applicants photos or personal information will be sold, rented, given away, or released in any way.

Please submit photo with your desired name and best email. No other information is needed unless notified of being chosen.

No end date at this time.

Winners will be required to submit valid photo identification

Winners must be 25 years or older due to the nature of the book. 

If a contestant cannot produce valid Photo ID upon being offered a contract, their submission will be canceled, and deleted. Another contestant will then be chosen.

Women are requested to have long black hair, blue or black eyes, and wearing a long sleeve black t-shirt, or long sleeve black button shirt. Photo needs to from the waist up. Please try to have a simple back round as it will be photo shopped out.

Men, please have a photo of the waist up, and wear a shirt of neutral or darker color, please do not wear black. Please have a button shirt, or long sleeve shirt. Please be clean shaven. Any photos with facial hair will be rejected. Hair color should be darker. Please try to have a simple back round as it will be photo shopped out.

If a selected person decides to not sign the contract, they will be disqualified, and another applicant will be chosen.

No compensation will be offered, guaranteed, implied, subjected to, promised, or expressed to all applicants.

In short, if you want to be on the cover, great! But, there are rules. This is a volunteer event, no money is given at any time.

Thank you!


Send email with photo to