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Gallon of milk, single bottle of water or soda, juice drink for drive. Kids drinks in convenient plastic containers. Thankfully they are cheap, and you can throw them out. Easy peasy! Wait….not quite. In fact, the exact opposite. Its now become deadly. Dangerous, deadly, cancer causing, and poisonous.

How is this possible? Why is it legal?!

Its legal because you buy it, and refuse to put in any effort to anything else! Easy is the new delicious poison we love to take with a smile.Why? Because its so easy.

Here is an article about coca-cola from 2020 and their view on plastics. Its not good, but, they blame the consumer.

What can you do? Push yourself and others, including your city to get plastic recycling going. Make it illegal to not recycle. Use plastics more than once. Soda is not good for people anyways…..single use should not even be sold.