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This is a very, very difficult situation we are now in. This particular article actually does approach the subject in an less bias manor, and seems to provide some facts. I cannot guarantee all the facts are there, but non-the-less, this is interesting for a new source of needed metals for powering cars / transportation.

I personally support this idea of battery powered transportation. But I do understand that the pollution from old batteries will become an issue. How ever, I do not think that the industry is turning a blind eye to it. In fact, I suspect that as a problem this industry for recycling might prove to be better prepared for this future.

I also suspect that once we have moved into the battery much more, there will be a huge shift into further advancements which will increase the life and recycle capabilities. Perhaps almost to a point where there would be a serious decline in demand on original resources as the recycling is able to meet demands for all products.