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I hope to shortly be getting my hands on a report from a scholar resource. Once I read this educated report on plastics on the oceans I will then report about it with references. From what little I have read in excerpts, it looks very bad. Bio-degradable for plastics might not mean what people assume. If any of what I have read so far is accurate. Our oceans may be full of plastics at the microscopic level. This is not natural, and certainly not healthy. So, potentially if you are swimming in the oceans right now. Perhaps on the west coast of the USA, or East coast of Japan or China, you may be swimming in micro plastic mixed in the waters. Now imagine how many people might get water in their nose or mouth, even in their eyes. In short, plastic could be getting into your body.

Then of course there is the Japanese government who is saying that they will release nuclear waste into the oceans soon. As they report they need to “dispose” of the contaminated water from the accident at their nuclear plant from years ago. So, now we might be swimming in nuclear waste and plastic micro waste. But, is this an issue for the people to act on…..NOPE. Just keep swimming and surfing! Its all good.

My factual report to come soon. For now this is all conjecture and hyperbole.