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Its quite odd how this website came about. Here is the story behind it.

A while back, some years past for perspective. I had this epiphany for a story. At first, it remained in my mind as an imaginary world that I would just have fun developing. But, as it grew in complexity, it transformed into a book on paper. 

Now I am a child of the 60’s and on. My main joys involved TV and fantasy movies. Science fiction, and an unleashed imagination gave me the inter-mind world that I escaped to every single day. Those influences brought me up to this point of a book. But one that has not yet been written before. Some ideas were close, but this particular fantasy has not been written.

Then when the internet came along, or better yet, my self taught knowledge of website building reached a certain level of competence, I bought the website But, I knew that this name was not in my best interest to own. I needed But at that time, it was owned by some folks who were trying to sell a new drink on the market.

After a long wait, perhaps 2 years, their website went offline. I assumed that their business venture failed. I then watched the name of the website like a hawk eying prey. When it came up for sale, I grabbed it. I have owned it now for a while.

But, getting the book finished was no where in site at the time. Now I can say that it is turned out to be 2 books, perhaps 3. The first book will have one hell of a cliffhanger. I am now introducing one more character into the book who will be….slightly enigmatic, but influential purpose.