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A friend of mine in Germany asked me to post this HAARP station in Germany on this website. I owe her a lot. So, as promised here is a video and google map of the HAARP station.

Its funny that this is not directly listed on Google search. No official website that I could find. So, why is a weather affecting machine in this town? If it is meant for science and studies, why is not not advertised or professionally listed someplace easy to find for up coming weather students?

Here is the video and images from google maps:

okay, so this is what google maps shows of the HAARP in or near Rostock Germany. The video and the google image show the same thing…..but the town of marlow in Germany does not show any listing of a HAARP machine. And, it is said to be the biggest one in the entire world? “Größte Haarpanlager der Welt” means the largest haarp in the world.