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I covered a number of countries that have trash issues. Many countries have this problem. But, after doing some searching around. I have found that our oceans have trash EVERYWHERE. Its just not in our sight.

Even worse is that large corporations are ignoring this issue, and since we the people of the planet do not know about it, we make it worse, while the corporations make profit and destruction at the exact same time. You the people of the earth are paying for the pollution. Including myself. This is one reason why I made this website. People need to know that these secrets of our oceans, and the weather changes are serious. Deadly serious.

Do you think I would want to visit Hawaii or south western USA oceans? With the chemical trash under water, and the nuclear isotopes being eaten by the fish off of the southern California coastline?

Here is a link that should put your mind into a bit of shock:

Seriously, there is and Island near Hawaii that is make of trash!