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This is happening in Pakistan. The report and credit below the videos.
Seems like there is a lot of flooding world wide….too much to say its normal, or natural.


Sinkhole SWALLOWS people up as floods batter Pakistani capital, Islamabad (unverified video)

Horrific monsoonal storms have battered Islamabad, with rainfall sweeping cars down streets and reportedly creating sinkholes in the Pakistani capital.

A mother and son have been killed and the local administration has sought deployment of the Pakistani army to assist with search and clean-up efforts.

The rainfall has inundated the city’s sewer system causing overflow in tunnels and sinkholes to open up spewing raw sewage into the flooding streets, according to local news GEO TV.

Islamabad’s deputy commissioner has urged the public to remain calm and, “cooperate and restrict unnecessary movements”, according to local media reports.

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