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This particular story is going to sound very silly. You can decide to ignore it as hyperbole. I will take it with a grain of sait, and still share it. I am not giving credence to it, but I am giving it  a place to make its own stand. The rumor, and unproven story is that between now and 2025 or perhaps a few years later, there will be a fantastic loss of land. All over the world.

Some people who have been ridiculed, silenced, or shamed have tried to say the same things. But as of lately, with the weather phenomena, it makes me wonder. 

So, I have decided to open up this website even further. I am attempting to build a platform with “telegram” for smart phones, and the PC software. At first it will be glitchy, and perhaps not even work, but once it is full blown functional, all posts created here will also be shared in a “room” on telegram. Perhaps even on “Signal”.

Sadly, with how things on facebook are going, which includes instagram and whatsapp, I will avoid using those platforms. They are part of the reason why people do not know the truth. Also, will be avoiding Twitter. We already know Twitter is a very political software now, and is abusive towards free speech and freedom of expression.

So keep an eye out for Telegram to start following posts on that group, once it is fully set up!