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First, lets keep things in perspective, without the loss of empathy. WE are in the middle of summer, and this is typically the hotter or hottest month of the summer season. I am not willing to say that this is all due to climate change or natural events of any extreme, but, for the wild life there, and those who are losing homes. This is a large tragedy / catastrophe.

As is the events unfolding in Germany with the floods of the western area that are now trying to clean up, things are not going to stop just because this summer is almost over. We as a world need to put our energy into guidance for helping deal with these on going and growing disasters.

We all know the governments are no longer willing to invest in the future of our changing planet. Greta Thunberg has proven that beyond a shadow of doubt.

I personally think I will start trying to grow awareness….and I  will keep trying. Its worth it. Its for my son, and his future family and children.

Here is the link about the growing issue of fires in Turkey: