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This website: Contains a rather long video about a number of things dealing with climate and our current economic position. I have downloaded the video and would suggest you watch it. The better parts, are a bit past the half way point.

The scariest part about the issues mentioned are that most of the population is ignoring the issues. Gretta Thunberg was right. According to what she mentions in one of her speeches is that we are on the precipice of a total collapse. How ever, what has happened in the interim of things is that this precipice may have already passed. We might actually have already failed. If this is true, then mitigation of our way of life might only be slowing the process down.

But, it my own opinion, we are not in a hopeless paradigm as of yet. I suspect we still have time. But we are in a critical position.

There is one theory going around right now which I believe is truly counter productive. It seems that some public internet voices are stating that the truth is being “drip fed” to people. This is the biggest mistake. This drip feed needs to be reversed. Why? For the simple reason that we just do not have that much time.

Many people say that fear is one of the most powerful motivators….yet we are sitting in the middle of a field being drip fed the truth, and swim in fear. It is literally a contradiction in blatant sight.

Now if you click on the link above, you will find the video on the first page. I am sorry, I cannot put any videos of youtube linked to this website. Youtube has a terrible reputation for allowing weblinks, and other very malicious content onto its site. So you can find the seminar, but the video is not posted directly here.

Now I will say that I did save the video to a separate hard drive. If the video is ever taken down due to government hypocrisy, or malevolence. I will re-post it here.