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The weather events keep coming in. More and more. Its very hard to keep up with postings. The arguments about climate change are getting fiercer. But, now there is a shift. The political discord has seemingly slid into a new face. People are now talking about it instead of using political views to downplay it. As if the science has become the truth teller, and the politicians have been pushed aside as hypocrites.

The second part of this is where things get more difficult to swallow. In some cases, its almost not even worth smelling for the truth. One particular theory that I recently heard is outlandish. I cannot prove truth or fiction, but the theory is that there is a machine that is causing the sea levels to rise. The intent is to create an atmosphere that is suitable for a non-human terrestrial to have a favorable atmosphere.

The other very difficult theory to prove is that the sun is the cause. Since there has not been any change in the sun that would cause this to happen. So far the only theory that seems to have the strongest validity is the pollution that humans are creating.

Here is a video about the CO2 pollution, and another commentary from the BBC about the climate change.

By the way the second link….it will shock you for its science, and math. it makes you reconsider your gas powered car.