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There is a rather large argument going on right now. Not in the main stream media. It is in the back channels. The argument is that there is a huge military effort going on to stop the evil of a group called the kazarian mafia. If you look into this name on the normal web, you will find all sorts of information. Most of it is not helpful.

The argument is that this group KM is very old, and of the opinion that a mass culling of the human race is needed. Abuses, atrocities, and genocide are their pro-ported methods. It is said that they have found that fear and manipulation bring the highest level of desired results. 

But, most of the general public do not, and will not accept this theory or label of this group. On the surface, they seem to be quite the opposite.

Historically speaking, many theories and conspiracies have come and gone. Some proven true, others proven false. But, The ones that were true turned into terrible real nightmares for the general public. The linking of these atrocities to the conspiracies were not always connected, but the effects of them were clearly real.

This brings us to the current topic of climate change. Is it real, or a mass story made up for malevolent purposes? The key question here is “are the scientists who support this climate issue paid to lie, or are we trusting them to their professional word”?

Neither side has proven the other side wrong. But each side has kept to its story-line. The theorists will continue to tell you that the know “factually” it is all al lie. They say “do you own research”. But no one knows how or where that research is. This is the same routine for all these folks. They simply do not have any factual basis for their claims. Yet the scientists are providing lots of information.

The bottom line is about who you will decide to believe.

The catch….the catch is that if there is climate change, then something needs to be done. If there is not any climate change, then those who are lying and deceiving the public must face justice for their crimes against humanity.

Here is an article that quasi reflects on my comments: