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65 CM as quoted by the article in bbc news….one of the ice shelves floating on the water connected to Antarctica is showing strong signs of breaking up, or off. The biggest question I have had is how what amount of volume would Antarctica produce if some of its ice shelves melted into the sea, or broke off and melted. The answer for this scenario is just over 2 FT of volume increase world wide. Which means 2ft higher tides. Then add hurricanes to that brewing pot, and you have a recipe for a catastrophe. All of this is predicted within the next 10 years. 

Now, can the economy shift away from green house global warming and reverse its on going effects in the next 10 years? Nope. What does that mean? The value of ocean front property will start to crash once it becomes visually obvious that they are now bi-annual death traps. Oh, and the Maldives….you know, the luxury tourist islands? Bye bye. Unless they invest, and create an underwater oasis Imagine the new headlines. “Maldives hotels, and underwater luxury experience”.

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