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Internationally the price of Gas is going up. Due to this political war going on in Russia and other countries directly or indirectly involved, sanctions are being levied. This is causing a reaction in multiple industries. One of the largest happens to be the oil. 

Now we all know that oil is in most product that are purchased today AKA plastics. So that means that if oil sales or supply is reduced, that means that plastics will go up in price. 

So we are looking at a shift in the economy for most anything plastic. Including food containers. This is good for the Earth, but it seems to be happening faster than the population can accommodate for its current system of the plastics industry. 

This also means that there will be a reduction in travel. So, will people react as if this is “just a normal short term trend” or will they look at this and begin to change current routines in response to higher prices? We shall see.