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There has been a marked increase in portable Air conditioner sales in many countries. Even those that historically have not needed mechanical cooling before, are now starting to use them. But with this increasing change of weather comes one of the more annoying issues. Allergies. This website article says that there will be an increase in people who suffer from it. 

What does this mean for people? I can only guess, but I would say there is a very strong chance that the corona masks  “N95’s” are not going to be of ANY use. Why? because we suffer through our nose, mouth and eyes. What will this mean? 

To be sadly honest, I suspect we will be heading into a future where we need pollen filtered full face masks. It will look very dramatic to be sure. But if this future allergy season prediction comes true, we will be thankful we will have them, and can function. 

To be honest, I am not sure about anyone else, but I have already been looking at these type of full face masks already. They are not that expensive, and some of them even look kind of “cool”. 

Here is the link for the article:

PS, this article is in English.