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Okay even for a regular guy like myself, this is actually “proof”, evidential proof that we are in some sort of dangerous weather changing. If This tempature is going to actually hit 50 deg C….then we as a planet need to know about this. But how do you get billions of people to see this, and realize that action is needed.

What action you might ask? 

Lets look hard at our current life styles. Cars that seat 4 people but 90% of owners only have one passenger. 

Traffic in cities from personal cars that only have one person in them. 

Infrastructure to improve cities ignored in some 1st world countries. 

citizens ignoring the world and stay online every second they can, and thus creating cellular phone waste in unbelievable amounts. 

Plastics that only get used once and then thrown out….now affecting our oceans, the weather, and our health

pollution world wide is going up, not down, and we love to ignore it. 

I personally would recommend that cars be purchased only if needed. 

Motorcycles, and mopeds are only used in major cities for personal use. 

The improvement ideas are endless.