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Okay, I am not sure about this report, but it gets to the point a bit better. It seems to denote a more definitive timeline. My guess, is that we are heading into a new age. A new way of life. Where heat is the new normal, and people are forced to react on the new environment that they will exist in.

Things I suspect that will come about from these potential new changes.

New power sources for cars

Cars that run on gas but very small engines. Size of car is based on the need, not on the want.

Bikes will become mandatory in some settings.

House construction will be reconsidered for material used to mitigate heat and improve on energy options.

I suspect that public transportation will be renewed, made to be safer, efficient, and maximum comfort at all levels.

So I divest in my thinking….here is the article from the website, another post from twitter, and a third web page that seems to offer some scientific intel.