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Every single country world wide is reporting problems of one kind or another. South America is dealing with cartels, corruption, weather events of a very unusual nature. But their base systems are not allowing for infrastructure growth. So most Earth friendly mitigation is blocked. Due to the reported blocking of money flow through corrupt banks, it seems South America cartels are shifting gears. But what the end result or new standards will be is unknown.

USA is dealing with multiple issues. The Earth seems to be put on hold. To put it in a short sentence. Right now, The “United States” is not united. Some unknown group is trying very hard to force struggle and separatism. It reminds me of the stories about the 13 colonies being formed, before the constitution was created. The effect is a reverse towards Earth friendly action.

Canada is in the same position as the USA. At the moment.

Europe is in a change as well. There is rumor of a power shift, but most people do not know about it. But sadly it is not Earth friendly yet. Some reports say there are efforts to make things better, but they are vague, and unsubstantiated.

The rest of the planet is showing many many reports of unusual weather that cannot be mitigated. Like a super storm of heat, rain, or drought has arrived.

Sadly I recently took a drive around part of my country, and there did not seem to be any signs of people using less normal cars, and oddly, there were many farms that were only growing sunflowers. For oil products. That would suggest that things are not shifting away from Earth friendly resource usage.

I will be riding my motorcycle around Germany a bit more this summer to see what is going on.

On the good side of the news. My local ice cream ship has switched from plastic spoons for “to go” orders, to small disposable wooden spoons. I personally walked up to the owner of the shop and thanked him intently for doing the right thing for the environment.

More to come!