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In one article we learn that the atmosphere has never contained or been over the mark of 300 PPM.

Some quick online calculations mean that this is 0.03 percent of the atmosphere. So that confirms the statement that CO2 is a trace element in the sky. So, what is the latest numbers say?

With the same math from the numbers on the same website, we come up with 0.04 percent or just a bit over that. So, is this number bad?

It really does not state that this number is factually bad. What it does say is that a back reference of 17,000 years ago shows that our current increase is exploding at a rate not see before on any records. But, somehow Princeton University professors have extracted ice cores that are over 2 million years old from Antarctica.

This helps us to gain a plausible history of trace gas levels from 17,000 years ago. But there is a catch. This science does not show accurate yearly events of weather. It shows general extremes over a period of time. This time frame cannot be determined. But, what this stated…the CO2 in the atmosphere seems to have less of an impact on weather in those time frames.

Fast forward to today. What do we have that is different. Lots of pollution. So is our trace element of CO2 now finally having a major impact. Well, then answer is not so simple. There are still questions that I am looking for answers too.

There is a second part to this. One that is less accepted, but it is becoming more often heard. The conspiracy or other truths.  This is where some say the weather is being affected by technology due to a war going on. Some other say that there is no actual climate change. It is all a lie for the purpose of another kind of war. Neither of which have been made public, but certain individuals in high ranking positions are swearing by these possibilities.

I will report more as I find information. But, believe me, finding the facts online is becoming nearly impossible.