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This article by NASA is curious. But leaves a lot of needed facts out. Most likely on purpose due to its intended audience. What is very curious is that these ice cores were pulled / extracted from Greenland, and Antarctica. It is also stated in this website that these ice sheets are (in some cases) miles and miles deep. The problem with the resulting reports is that there are a number of indirectly mentioned issues for calculations for knowing exact time frames ascertained from the ice cores. So, knowing the historical years of ice formation within the cores and the events of that year are not a complete story. The theory that is used to project a weather analysis of the next century is said to be sound, and plausible. But being factual is not possible.

So are we heading for a danger zone of high temps that affect human survival. Well, the current communication of our main stream media is saying yes, but the facts and current truth is not supporting this to be true. I will continue to do more searching.

I will say that the main stream media is no longer the place to go to get accurate information…..about anything.

Here is the link for the NASA website.