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Okay, here are two links to articles that talk about tectonic plates and what is happening to them. Oddly enough, they make DIRECT comments about the East coast of the USA and its flooding issues. But, no comments about global warming effects. They state that due to Historical Glaciers pressing down (I am assuming in the area East of the East coast), that the current position of the coast line for the East coast of the USA is now sinking due to the rebounding of the glacial pressures. Thus we have increased flooding issues. But this not only accounts for the flooding, it also follows the same science to what happens under the tectonic plates word wide. A constant undulation.

So what does this suggest? Well, for the moment, nothing proof positive, but definitely a strong argument that our planet may not be “heating up” as the MSM seems hell bent on pushing, and trying to cause panic. Now, as for pollution, yes, we still have a planetary crisis, no argument there. But, at the moment, profits outweigh the validity of human health being a priority. 

Even the company who makes skittles candy has admitted that they use a cancer causing agent for food production Which they say the FDA has approved of. But sadly, we now know that the FDA is for profit over human life. Just as the pharmacy corporations who control the FDA of the USA.