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Normally I do not post political issues. I would rather stick to science. But, now that the big Tech companies are invading every aspect of science, it is very difficult to find facts regarding our Earth, and its many environmental issues. Man made or not.

One of the biggest culprits for keeping people blind is the search engine Google. This company has gone past the desire to make money, It is now on a “war path” to control or coerce people to believe certain sources of information. Since this has become their newest power grab, it has caused a serious knowledge crisis.

Thankfully there are some other tech companies fighting back against this tech companies satanic belief in divine right of power.

Now that people are starting to become aware of this very blatant system of lies or fake news, they are focusing on their own local towns, and political policies. This is having a direct affect right up the ladder to the federal levels. Ignoring the international “news” is one of the best things you can do.

If you desire to “potentially” get better results from search engines, Then I would recommend using TOR, or BRAVE.

Neither is connected to Google anymore. All the other search engines are directly connected. Including DuckDuckgo…..factually speaking. But even though Tor uses duckduckgo for its search engine, it does block google….so results are much more related to what you request. I am using TOR as I write this post!

I personally come from a time when the internet was only a story in the local news paper, and home computers were not a household terminology.