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From the news reported by main stream media sources, to people who are true believers in climate change. I have to ask, have they considered all the facts? Current issues are being seen and reported. But, we are facing some very serious issues about historical facts being left out. 

We have faced flooding all over the world, Drought in many places as well. One area in the USA was aptly named “The Dust Bowl.”Yet for some reason, facts like these are not being used as a reference point. This latest article from the BBC “40 deg +” Strongly points to Climate change?

Now there is a second argument that is suggested as well in the article. It suggests the sea is rising. But that is only looking at it from the perspective of the ocean. What about the land under the ocean. The plates that all dry land creatures live on. To ignore this critical information is to ignore over half of the truth. 

This really puts many people in a very uneducated position. In short, its making people very ignorant. 

Sadly, there are also floods now hitting a few parts of the USA. But, at least in one of the interviews, there is a “hint” that flooding is not unusual. But then brings hyperbole back in postulating that this is the worst flooding “he can remember”. But that vagueness is leading cause of ignorance. 

Yes we are losing lives in these life threatening incidences, but that also brings us to another very serious question that is being mostly ignored. Why has the infrastructure in places like the EU or USA been left at a stand still. Technology and foundation upkeep have been nearly halted. Why? Sadly, much of the economy financials seem to be heading to place where there is war. 

But I digress……our weather issues are not just about possible climate change, they are about multiple sources of change. Some of which we can do nothing about. We need a broader spectrum of facts, and not just hyperbole to sell sell sell.