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This will be short. I do not have proof that can be “proven” only personal experience. The suns rays have changed recently….in the last few years. I cannot say what year it started because it was not as noticeable. The sun causes us to all feel very hot in the summer months. We can feel its heat. Which part of the light spectrum causes this heat though? From what I understand, it is the Ultraviolet part of the light which causes heat. Therefore we cannot see the heat, only feel it. Recently my skin has felt a sensation of heat in the first few seconds of being in the sun, but never a sense of burning. Now, I clearly feel like my skin is sensing a burning feeling. Like me whole body is under a huge magnifying glass with the light being focused on me.

What does this mean? It means that there is an issue with our OZONE layer over the Earth. Our atmosphere has an issue in blocking out the usual amount of Ultraviolet radiation. This could potentially cause issues for other weather events. I will be researching how the UV affects weather now.

A good question is about our CO2 issue. The government says that the CO2 is the problem. So, how does the CO2 work with the UV regarding the heat, and plants. I am concerned that we are being miss led on the facts.