Yes, I know, it does not seem possible. All these weather events happening, but hype seems to apply more and more. Yes there is a lot of flooding reports, drought reports, and even severe storm reports. Ocean levels are reported to be changing, the atmosphere is reported to be changing as well.

You might think, “well that settles it”! But not so fast. As you notice I only mention key words, and recent events. Nothing about the past, nothing about numbers. I can even mention “scientists have discovered that the moon is affecting climate change due to its reflection of the sun.” But this is a totally made up lie. These key words, or even color graphs are truly affecting our minds. We are becoming less and less critical thinkers. We are just accepting the news as the most reliable source of information.

We have been trained through the current social system standards to accept unproven facts. This goes all the way through the teaching of college to phd level graduates.

What is so odd is that if a person decides to do any research, they really do not know where to start. Most are brainwashed to think that the internet is the best route for answers. It was near its beginning. But now, now it has become a library of opinion, and games.

Here are a few facts that are only available through quality library research. The Dust Bowl is one of many droughts that the USA has experienced. The colorado river was not used for power sources until the end of the dust bowl. The population of that time in California was very small.

China, India, Russia, and other countries / continents all experience bad weather from time to time. But, so far, nothing has proven to be worse that any historical weather events.

Even the melting of polar mountain caps is nothing new. History from Ice Cores show that there are times when there were stretches’ of very warm weather, just like today. No exact dates are ever offered. It is not possible with Ice Cores, but there is a provable average.

Sadly, trying to get scientists to freely discuss their recent findings for historical comparison is non-existent.

Our energy issues are not really issues that affect nature. We do have pollution issues that are really messing with the system, but it seems they are not causing an un-natural increase in heat.

There are issues of human made political machines that demand more power and money, or suffer the consequence of their power and contempt.  Getting people to understand what is really causing issues would require us to stop using many modern day conveniences. Some of which we are addicted and committed too.

An odd comparison is the use of the internet. It is brand new, yet we are obsessed with it. Tell someone to shut down their smart phone for one week, and they might display a serious emotional response. As someone to dial a rotary phone, and they might ask what that is. Fast food….for a fast lifestyle, but we were never meant to have a fast lifestyle!


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