I have been told that some news about climate change will be coming out soon. It seems there is a shift in the on going power struggle between oligarchs and the Populus. The source says that climate change as an un-natural event is actually incorrect. Although there are some natural events happening, they are not unexpected. The world does in fact have extreme changes. The science behind the current news is not misleading, it is avoiding the whole story or truth. The question according to the source is, how fast or slow will the truth come out.

So far we are now in a mind set where current news dominates our short term memory. So critical thinking and historical facts are left out, and thus partially forgotten. The forgotten items or ignored historical facts include core ice samples do not reveal all the truths of our climate history. Our Ozone layer is badly damaged. The Earths crust, or tectonic plates are shifting, which includes up and down directions. Pollution in the oceans….ect. 

More to come as more sources come forward.  

Global weather issues