According to a new source, the weather issues that have been going on longer than the last decade are actually being strongly if not totally influenced by technology. How is this possible? Most people do not know about the technology that is operational in space. The only general public awareness is with Elon Musk and his “Starlink Satellites” that are being televised on main stream media. We are also aware of TV, ham radio, Sat phones satellites and military communications. But if you were to ask your local astronomy clubs or contact a professional astronomer, you would learn that there is a section of near orbit space around the Earth that is full of satellites. Most of them are unknown in their functions. Oddly, there are many science fiction movies that suggest certain military abelites but they are implanted into our minds as only fantasy.  Well, according to sources, these fantasies are actually holding some level of truth. 

So now we will need to consider that if there is some kind of “weather war” or conflict going on for decades around the globe, then this would put a serious rebuttal against the CO2 concerns that the media is forcefully driving us to know about on TV. But, they are still leaving out critical information. What they do offer is enough intense drama to distract us from critical thinking. Thus we end up simply becoming addicted to their rhetoric and misleading theories on the weather. 

Now for the good news. It seems that there is a reversal going on. Now we are seeing some chemtrails being made, and they look the same, but according to sources, they are actually reversing the effects of the previous chemicals that were put up there. Oddly enough you can now see that Bill Gates is shifting his focus. Most people suspected that he was one of the financial backers of the chemtrail efforts. The weight gain he is now showing would suggest that there is a change in his mental outlook (depression from failure). 

Please keep in mind that the weather is actually changing, and land water boundaries are changing. These things are normal to a large extent. But this weather manipulation is also affecting us. Population shifts and geographical shifts all affect the weather, and now this technology to change weather is playing its direct roll. 

As I learn more about this from my growing list of sources I will report more. 

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