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Since the Queen of England has passed on, some major changes may be coming about. There will be a shift or all out change in the power structure of money from the UK say my sources. The UK is currently running the financial power system which is not only in the USA, but many other countries as well. The big question on most minds is stemming from the main stream media regarding the fear of energy issues for heating the economy this winter. The financial sector is embattled with internal financial underworld conflicts which are directly impacting the energy market. But most are not aware of this due to the main stream media being quiet about it. The energy needed to heat homes is not in any kind of shortage. It is being blocked by companies who are profiting off of the war in the Ukraine.

The next part of this on going saga is the weather issues. It seems there are some newspapers that report the possible use of weather as a tool of war. How is this possible? I cannot say. I have no idea what these tools are. But my source says that one of the sources comes from HAARP. Now if you do a small search on any of the search engines using weather machines or weather warfare, you will get results!

This then brings the term to a realistic standing. Not a common term, but it is no longer science fiction. 

Now that the Northern Hemisphere is transitioning into winder, the biggest topic is not about weather, but about energy. The media is being forces to cause fear about staying warm this season. Ironically, most of the general public is less and less interested in the media. The media has lost a lot of influence and readers. 

Now that the reasons for the weather are becoming clear for both natural, human made, and war induced effects are clear, there is not much more I can write about the subject. The main stream media has been condemned to repetition of lies and half truths for the agenda driven billionaires. It is now at the point where the news is so self contradictive that no one in the general public knows the truth. This is typical for signs of a total system failure. Not a failure of the weather, but a failure of the current standards that the billionaires are pushing. It has become Chaos in the eyes of the public. This is when people start to pull back, and save their money. That is hurting them. This is good. 

So since I am not one to repeat the news that I get. I will be waiting on fresh new developments. So far, nothing “new” has happened.

Use your cars when needed. But use public transportation when available. The problem is not the oil, the problem is life style.