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How predictable and ironic can hypocrisy get? That being said, the old systems are coming back online. Coal, nuclear but not so much for renewables! Now politicians are starting to falter in their stance on climate change. New research just coming out shows that there may have been some science that was missed or overlooked? We are now into a world of overloading communication. Innovation has been strongly stifled. We are in digital overload. 

Seriously, we are in digital overload. We are an analog species. Even the music industry is now nearly all digital. This is a huge problem for the environment. 

Well, as I mentioned on an earlier post, I am slowing down in my entries for the climate and our oceans. I am slowly shifting over to a new chapter in my life. For some it might roll the eyes, for others it might be curious. I am shifting into theology, and bible studies. I am heading towards a direction of being a preacher. Getting involved in my community is much better than this digital obsession that I am breaking away from. I may lose readers, but, since they are nameless and invisible…..well, need I say more? And my focus will be on helping those who are spiritually conflicted.